By combining talk therapy and energy psychology,
you can find the root cause of your unhappiness + trauma –
taking you out of victim mode and into the life you’ve wanted to create for years.

You’re not broken.

Living with heavy emotions like anxiety and overwhelm can take a massive toll on your day-to-day. You’re putting on a brave face, but inside you’re panicking, overthinking, barely getting through.  You’re feeling disconnected from yourself.

S,o You head to therapy.  But there’s a big problem in the mental health world and we need to talk about it.  The underlying presupposition is that you are broken and finding the right method, therapist or pill is the answer to your problems.  You feel like a failure and a victim but the mental health system is ready to come to the rescue. Right?  

Not really.  The whole system is set up to detect pathology and treat symptoms.

Crying after the death of someone you love?  Not motivated?  Feeling anxious or sad? Feeling unworthy or hostile in your relationships?  Overeating or drinking just to get through the day?  There’s a pill for that.  Or a set of coping skills that address the symptoms but skip the root cause.  After all, it’s not your fault. 

This leads you to feel continually unhappy and not know why. What you want is to make a meaningful contribution, feel connected and joyful.  You want to ditch your destructive impulses and rediscover the real you beneath all the garbage life has heaped on you.

The collaborative and transformative work I do combines therapy with energy psychology. We operate from the belief that you are whole, beautiful, and resilient. You have everything you need to heal yourself. You just need new tools and a guide by your side.

You’re not a diagnosis. You’re not an imbalance. You’re an incredible survivor who will be empowered to reclaim the f*ck out of your life and tap back into your passion + purpose.

Let’s get you back on track.

Work With Me

Heal your past emotionally, physically, energetically and spiritually with sessions tailored to your needs.  Get ready to step into your power.

A new kind of therapy.

Tracey has helped me overcome and realize things about myself, my life and my surroundings, more than I ever thought imaginable. I am so happy I found a mental health professional that is more than just a listener. Her techniques, questions and feedback are so helpful and has really guided me to find truths and deeper meanings. I honestly cannot say enough wonderful things about Tracey and her practice; I recommend her to anyone wanting to learn more about themselves.

In only three sessions, Tracey has taught me some much needed and very useful strategies/ techniques that have helped me get through a very tough and stressful time. I was really hoping for something quick, effective and non-traditional (meaning not as much talk therapy as I have customarily experienced) and Tracey’s approach has been a great fit for me. She provides a multi-faceted and tailored approach that is fitting to her clients style and she also provides education around the techniques/strategies that she is recommending.

I have been working with Tracey for a little over a year & I find her to be an amazing & intuitive guide on my quest for wellness in all of its forms. As a practicing Christian & a Reiki master I fully appreciate the energetic healing techniques that she uses. The energy healing techniques allow for the flow & easy release of past traumas or current issues. I highly recommend Tracey as a therapist & healing guide.

Hi, I’m Tracey

And I’m not your average therapist. You won’t find me sitting in a too-big chair, labeling you with scientific terms, and pumping you full of pills and platitudes to ‘take away the socially undesirable feeling.’

You’re meant to be radiant, joyful, and abundant. But right now, you’re feeling dis-ease.

By uncovering the deep roots of pain, disappointment, and mediocrity– yeah, all that stuff that’s hard to talk about, you can shine. Your inner wisdom is freakin’ powerful. And we’re going to channel it to heal the blockages and move you toward healthier relationships and patterns.

I’ve seen firsthand what this work can do. And that’s why I’m tossing traditional therapy out the window. It’s limiting you and holding you back from healing.

You deserve better. You deserve to take control of your life and live it well. Not in barely- getting-by mode.

Blend the best of conventional and alternative therapies.
Because why choose when it’s your happiness on the table. Let’s do what works.

Get to the root of what you’re feeling.
Heal structurally and permanently. It starts with a call.