The gold standard of CBT doesn’t let you
strike gold in your own life.

So I combined everything that works,
because excellent treatment that heals you fully
is my gold standard.

Healing. A magical word with very happy results.

Empowered treatment wants you to heal.
I want you to heal.

By diving into the root cause instead of band-aid-ing what you’re going through, you can:

  • Discover your deep purpose that sets your soul on fire
  • Overcome unconscious patterns that are sabotaging you daily
  • Embrace your shadow side and heal the parts where your values collide
  • Remove procrastination and release regret
  • Increase your self-awareness and acceptance
  • Have better, more fulfilling relationships with your partner, friends, and family
  • Attract abundance into your life and career
  • Break free from the cycle of negative thinking and overthinking
  • Dramatically shift how you experience life
  • Live more joyfully

Nurture that yummy deep connection with yourself and the complex world. When what’s outside doesn’t need to be perfect, you can live authentically in a body, mind, and soul that feels like your own.

During sessions, we will use a combination of:

Talk Therapy

Share your innermost feeling in a safe, non-judgemental space. When you speak, I’ll be there to offer insights, and draw you deeper into what’s truly going on and help you shift into your highest self.


Energy Psychology

Clear energetic blocks in the meridians, chakras, and biofield using tapping, holding, body postures, visualizations, and affirmations. We’ll align your energy fields, bringing you powerful transformative results that have been backed by over 300 neuroscience research articles.

So what is energy psychology?

It’s a combination of over 30 modalities that gets a client much further than talk therapy alone. By using muscle testing, we can diagnose and inform the therapeutic process. That’s why all sessions we have together are a combination of the 2.


Healing from the body level up. This intervention pulls together all of the other methods of energy psychology, the enneagram, and spirituality– clearing out all of the problems you’re experiencing with the cutting-edge HBLU technology. Connect with your inner wisdom to heal the unconscious patterns that block you.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Aka tapping. Calm the body’s stress response and reduce fear, anxiety, and worry. It can also be used to treat traumatic memories.

Ask and Receive

A conversation between you and your highest self. A positively worded statement that illuminates disagreements allows us to find the ‘felt sense’ and lessen the dissonance.

Tapas Acupressure Technique

A body, mind, and soul healing method that lets you heal the origins of traumatic past events that affect your current goals.


Empirically validated. EMDR lets you process and transform traumatic memories rapidly.

Heal. Your highest self is waiting for you.

Investment: $150 for a 45-minute call

From survival to revival.
In here, it’s all about those permanent changes that move you closer to happy.

Happy Client Stories

Tracey has helped me overcome and realize things about myself, my life and my surroundings, more than I ever thought imaginable. I am so happy I found a mental health professional that is more than just a listener. Her techniques, questions and feedback are so helpful and has really guided me to find truths and deeper meanings. I honestly cannot say enough wonderful things about Tracey and her practice; I recommend her to anyone wanting to learn more about themselves.

In only three sessions, Tracey has taught me some much needed and very useful strategies/ techniques that have helped me get through a very tough and stressful time. I was really hoping for something quick, effective and non-traditional (meaning not as much talk therapy as I have customarily experienced) and Tracey’s approach has been a great fit for me. She provides a multi-faceted and tailored approach that is fitting to her clients style and she also provides education around the techniques/strategies that she is recommending.

I have been working with Tracey for a little over a year & I find her to be an amazing & intuitive guide on my quest for wellness in all of its forms. As a practicing Christian & a Reiki master I fully appreciate the energetic healing techniques that she uses. The energy healing techniques allow for the flow & easy release of past traumas or current issues. I highly recommend Tracey as a therapist & healing guide.

Who This Work Is For

You are:

  • Interested in self development. Maybe you’ve been to therapy. Or maybe you’re an avid reader. But you’re committing to change. For good.
  • So f*cking tired of how the current medical and mental health system is failing you. Like you want an answer to your anxiety, depression, unhappiness.
  • Ready to feel deeply connected to yourself.
  • Better at helping others rather than tending to your own needs. (Fellow therapists, I’m looking at you.)
  • All in on finding the root cause of why you feel the way you do so you can heal on a mind, body, and soul level.

Your time to thrive is now. I’m here for you.

Investment: $150 for a 45-minute call