Self-Directed Training Courses

Unlock your inner power to overcome stress, banish limiting beliefs, and break free from fear-based constraints. Gain the tools and confidence to navigate common mental health challenges. Learn transformative techniques to address trapped emotions, paving the way for healing and achieving your goals with newfound ease.

Delve into the realm of feminine archetypes and free your hidden, disavowed parts. Learn how you participate in your manifestations and how to heal the lost and broken parts of you that hold you back. As we explore the “bad girl’, “good girl” and the “feminist” archetypes, we heal integrate and reclaim our divine feminine selves. Heal social and cultural brainwashing patterns and pass the healing benefits to your ancestors and children.

Muscle testing is used in most types of energy psychology. This proven technique has been meticulously crafted and tested to guide you toward optimal health and balance. I want you to learn to trust youself and measure the success of the changes you implement in your life- simply by muscle testing them.