About Me

And why I’ve strayed from the standard ‘here’s how to do therapy’ path after almost 30 years of being a patient + therapist

Beyond the Label

We live in a world that lovveees to give you labels. If you do this, you have ADHD. He said that? Narcissist. You’re experiencing these symptoms? Probably borderline. Just hop on TikTok and you’ll give yourself 4 diagnoses in 3 finger swipes.

That’s not helpful. Why? It’s shoving you into victim mode. And when you’re in victim mode, your therapist and the entire system is in power, not you. The institution is your abuser, keeping you small. Shoving you into labeled boxes.

So how the heck are you going to uncover your brilliant, radiant, beautiful, joyful self?

Easy. You’re going to throw those labels into the fire and heal holistically.

Happy Client Stories

Tracey has helped me overcome and realize things about myself, my life and my surroundings, more than I ever thought imaginable. I am so happy I found a mental health professional that is more than just a listener. Her techniques, questions and feedback are so helpful and has really guided me to find truths and deeper meanings. I honestly cannot say enough wonderful things about Tracey and her practice; I recommend her to anyone wanting to learn more about themselves.

In only three sessions, Tracey has taught me some much needed and very useful strategies/ techniques that have helped me get through a very tough and stressful time. I was really hoping for something quick, effective and non-traditional (meaning not as much talk therapy as I have customarily experienced) and Tracey’s approach has been a great fit for me. She provides a multi-faceted and tailored approach that is fitting to her clients style and she also provides education around the techniques/strategies that she is recommending.

I have been working with Tracey for a little over a year & I find her to be an amazing & intuitive guide on my quest for wellness in all of its forms. As a practicing Christian & a Reiki master I fully appreciate the energetic healing techniques that she uses. The energy healing techniques allow for the flow & easy release of past traumas or current issues. I highly recommend Tracey as a therapist & healing guide.

Hey There, I’m Tracey.

Here’s my story

19. That’s the age I started working in the mental health field. I was doing the weekend shift at a residential home for chronically mentally ill adults. School during the week. Enough hours to still hit a 40-hour workweek.

And one thing hit me. And really bothered me. The most difficult clients get the least qualified staff.

This lit a fire in me, starting a quest to stay at the cutting edge of treatment so I can *actually* help people who needed it most. I studied EMDR, Object Relations, and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

But no matter how much education and experience I got– I felt like something was missing. For my clients and also myself. Progress was slow as f*ck. I was drowning in insight, but I was so unhappy. Those dang repetitive patterns kept on repeating.

In 2013, I accidentally discovered Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as tapping, and eventually other types of energy psychology, like HBLU. Energy psychology lets you tap into your body and intuition to find detailed patterns hiding in your unconscious, ancestry, and even past lives. At first it felt too simplistic and weird to work. But I felt called to it. And damn did it help me and my clients with their symptoms. Okay, I’ll dip a toe in. It opened me up to a new paradigm. One where energetic blocks and limiting beliefs are addressed through our somatic body.

It’s not just about one thing. It’s about healing the entire mind, body, and soul through the gentle, yet effective touch of inner wisdom.

Energy psychology opened up a whole new world for me and my clients. It’s a rapid, kind, and permanent method of healing. I now only include things in my work that personally worked for me. I’ve loosened the rigidity of ‘this is what therapy is.’

And I can’t wait to help you get to where you want to be too.