A Holistic Approach

I got my start in the mental health field when I was 19 at a residential home for chronically mentally ill adults. I saw firsthand how the least qualified people often work with the most difficult clients. That insight still shapes the way I practice. Life is a journey of self exploration and I have been a client of every method I’ve ever trained in. If I find something useful, I know other people will too.

I earned my BS in psychology from Nova Southeastern University and my MSW from Florida International University in 1998. I went on to complete post graduate training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy in 2005. I started my private practice in 2001.

Therapy has always been part of my life. But after many years of insight oriented therapy, I found I had a lot of insight but I was still on the hamster wheel making the same mistakes over and over. Then in 2013 I discovered energy psychology. It opened me up to a whole new world of treatment options. I was so impressed with the results I experienced that after 14 years of practicing traditional psychotherapy, I began training in this exciting new field to help others experience the same healing it has offered me.

Now I blend all I know about the role of the unconscious mind, traditional therapy, and a variety of cutting edge energy techniques to help people like you rapidly shift perception, emotion and behavior.

I work with clients in NY and Florida via telehealth.