Happy Client Stories

Honestly, before I started seeing you I was constantly trying to repress my emotions rather than trying to understand them. I would find myself trying to hold onto a preconceived idea of “normal” and all that was doing was making me feel worse about myself and my emotions. Since I’ve started seeing you I’ve learned how those emotions work and why they impact me the way that they do. I’ve learned that everyone has their own “normal” and that I can’t hold myself to anyone else’s standard. Now that I am learning to understand my emotions and interact with them in a way that is healthy and constructive I feel so much better. I take the tools you teach me in therapy and place them in my every day life and it has made all the difference! I am kinder to myself and my feelings now and I understand what it means to love myself complete and unconditionally, I never thought I would be able to say something like that, but then I met you 🙂

I’m extremely grateful I found a therapist like Tracey who has many unconventional tools in her toolbox that have provided me with tons of insight, relief with certain issues, and improvement in many areas in my life. She is empathetic, compassionate, and really hears what I’m saying. She provides appropriate feedback and asks skillful questions to dig deeper. I’d recommend working with Tracey to anyone with an open mind who’s looking to do therapy a bit differently, more holistically, and uncover unconscious things that are at play. I’ve worked with other therapists and have not achieved nearly as much success as I have with Tracey. She’s a true master of her craft

I have been working with Tracey for a little over a year & I find her to be an amazing & intuitive guide on my quest for wellness in all of its forms. As a practicing Christian & a Reiki master I fully appreciate the energetic healing techniques that she uses. The energy healing techniques allow for the flow & easy release of past traumas or current issues. I highly recommend Tracey as a therapist & healing guide.

Tracey has helped me overcome and realize things about myself, my life and my surroundings, more than I ever thought imaginable. I am so happy I found a mental health professional that is more than just a listener. Her techniques, questions and feedback are so helpful and has really guided me to find truths and deeper meanings. I honestly cannot say enough wonderful things about Tracey and her practice; I recommend her to anyone wanting to learn more about themselves.

Tracey has been an encouraging, supportive, and energetic therapist! Her techniques and methods have opened doors for me that I once thought could never be unlocked. Her methodology in regard to healing and coping have truly transformed the way I view myself and interact with others!

In only three sessions, Tracey has taught me some much needed and very useful strategies/ techniques that have helped me get through a very tough and stressful time. I was really hoping for something quick, effective and non-traditional (meaning not as much talk therapy as I have customarily experienced) and Tracey’s approach has been a great fit for me. She provides a multi-faceted and tailored approach that is fitting to her clients style and she also provides education around the techniques/ strategies that she is recommending.