HBLU is a revolutionary mind-body healing method that leads you to greater insight into your behavior, a deeper understanding of your prevailing worldview and ultimately profound acceptance of who you are. This is not a healing method that is done to you. It is one that you do for yourself with the help of your inner wisdom and guidance from a lovingly collected list of the most common interference patterns.

Experience change in a single session.

Because you will be self muscle-testing, you will be able to access wisdom from your body and unconscious mind and your intuition. I do not touch you so you will feel answers switch from “no” to “yes”. You will feel the direction of the session and although you may not consciously connect to the content, you will feel the results.

Change you can see.

Over several sessions, you will notice improved ability to do things that were once difficult. Whether your goals are food and body related, relationship-focused, or self-esteem based, you will see changes in your day to day life. I have never personally made it my goal to change my eating habits, yet over time I began to notice a lack of interest in the night time or binge-type eating. I was surprised to notice myself pushing food away once I had had enough. I began craving healthy food. The desire to graze compulsively or “stress eat” has completely disappeared.

HBLU addresses personality issues that disrupt relationships by using the Enneagram. This method of personality description comes from the Sufi spiritual tradition.

HBLU training doesn’t come from a weekend seminar.

Unlike popular reiki or IET, training happens over several years of classroom lectures, peer to peer practicums and one to one therapy sessions with the originator of the method Judith Swack Ph.D. HBLU doesn’t promise to channel energy or “fix” anything. With your inner wisdom’s permission, all healing happens with careful attention to your unconscious and soul level need for health and healing.

Therapy has been compared to peeling an onion because as you peel, you notice layer upon layer but no core. HBLU allows you to peel away as many layers you would not ordinarily have access to because it allows you to use your inner wisdom. People who have used HBLU say they make faster, easier gains than any other method they have ever tried.