In this confusing, unprecedented time, people are suffering from COVID-19 phobias which are impairing their ability to be calm and make healthy decisions for themselves. These irrational phobias are made worse by a constant news cycle and social media influence. In HBLU or healing from the body level up, phobias are the most basic and foundational issues. They not only block energy fields but they stop us from doing the things we want to do by exaggerating the fear and shame associated with them.

“Phobias are irrational, exaggerated and extreme unconscious reactions to feelings, events, or experiences.”

Unlike normal fear, phobias serve no useful purpose. They are not protective or motivational. They simply prevent you from achieving a sense of internal harmony. Rather, they are a reflex that trips your central nervous system into a fight, flight or freeze reaction. In her recent webinar, Dr. Judith Swack identifies several COVID-19 phobias that can be treated with simple tapping techniques in just a few minutes.

The most common COVID-19 phobias include:

  • Getting it and dying from it.
  • Passing it to someone else and killing them.
  • Being harmed by reckless, or evil people who are desperate for your money food, or other resources.
  • Running out of resources and dying as a result.
  • Being unable to care for yourself and being overwhelmed by anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts.
  • I fear people and their coronavirus germs.

These themes are common among many people. Thought muscle testing, we are able to validate them. I have excluded the actual phobia language so as not to trigger people who do not have a qualified therapist working with them.

It is totally normal to develop phobias about things that are frightening. News and social media add to that fear. If you or someone you know is struggling with irrational or exaggerated fears about COVID-19, there is help available.