Are things happening to me or are they happening for me? 


It was a perfect day in Sedona. I was basking in the glow of the previous day. We enjoyed a hike, a releasing ceremony, and energy clearing.  My energy healer said I had some trapped energy in my pancreas, lungs and stomach and she was working patiently to release it.  She used tuning forks and light touch to unblock the trapped energy.  I yawned, coughed a bit, and felt the release.  Just relax and allow yourself to integrate the healing.  I did. I reclined and let  the chimes wash over me. 


We arrived a few days earlier and I felt the annoying pressure of teeth on my right side.  I felt something brewing a few days before my trip but I was busy and decided it could wait until I returned home.  Now, I was regretting that decision.  The higher altitude made the problem more acute and the pain was increasing.  A sip of cold water sent a ripple of pain through my mouth.  


Still, I was determined to ignore the problem and enjoy my time in Sedona.  I did some EFT tapping and Ask and Receive on myself to bring the situation under control.

I woke up in the middle of the night by more throbbing pain, a sore ear, and a stuffy nose on the right side.  In the morning I decided this couldn’t wait and planned to call a dentist after breakfast when the offices opened. 


The receptionist offered me an 11 am appointment and I accepted.  The tour company we were booked with sent a text with their apologies saying the tour had been canceled for the day.  Perfect.  I wouldn’t miss the tour or lose my payment.  They would issue a full refund. 


My annoyance was offset by the pain I was in. I apologized to my partner about spending our last day in this magical place at the dentist. This was not part of my plan.  I checked myself for bad energy. Cleared what I could find and had two cracked old fillings replaced.  It was an expensive day and I was grateful I could pay for it. 


I’ve been exploring the idea of whether things happen to me or for me lately. It’s a meme I see all over social media and I want to subscribe to the philosophy but frankly, it’s not always easy.  

I thought about the money and the problems.  I’m not in the habit of looking on the bright side of things because I’m usually focused on finding the root cause of problems, I’m not a fan of cognitive reframing, nor am I a fan of the spiritual tyranny of “good vibes only”.   

Changing the way you look at things

So I thought about it. I have a choice. I can choose to see this as a painful and expensive end to my perfect vacation. Or, I can explore how this experience might have been the perfect experience for me.  After all, this work needed to be done. I could have done it at home, but it’s not as though I already have a relationship with a dentist.  This dentist was available on short notice. He was funny and kind and had the equipment necessary to do the work I needed on the same day. That’s almost unheard of.  I was able to afford it even though it’s not where I would have chosen to put that money.  I got to have my dental work done in a place with the perfect energy to facilitate my healing and go on to my conference where other skilled energy workers could help me release and repair physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  

Everything is always working out for me. -Abraham Hicks

As it turned out, the two teeth involved, are connected to the pancreas, stomach and lungs.  Those are the same organs the energy worker worked on for me using the vibration of tuning forks. Colleagues at my conference were able to suggest patterns I hadn’t thought of myself and muscle test them for accuracy.  I received additional healing from intuitive hands-on healers and sound healers. I also got advice about mitigating the effects of antibiotics.  When I noticed limiting beliefs and doubt creep in, I was in a high enough vibration to recognize and clear them. A healthy mindset aids healing.  Now I know the future holds experiences that serve my highest good even if I can’t initially see it.