What are the tips for maintaining a long distance relationship?

Relationships have their share of issues and conflicts in any of the normal situations. Even a healthy relationship has its share of ups and downs. If the relation is long distance relationship, then there is more chance of falling out. In fact, it is a distance which causes a gulf between the lovebirds, who are inseparable. Not always a long distance relationship has disadvantages. It also has pros. If distance separates you, your relationship will grow stronger each day. You will be missing each other and would like to do certain things to make the other happy. Long distance may suck at times, but there are tips you can follow to let your relationship work.

In this digital era, individuals meet online. Most of the relationships start online with social networking sites. Although the long-distance relationship is not easy, distance need not ruin your relationship. With the right kind of communication and commitment, long distance relationships may prove more stable than a close relationship. By adjusting your lifestyle, attitude, you may have a fabulous love life.

Understand that it takes time and commitment.

It takes times to nurture a long distance relationship. But, if you take the initiative and put efforts towards it, your relationship will be worthwhile. The rewards will be far outweighing the negative aspects. Couples often fail to realize that a major change of attitude is needed. If there is no change of attitude, one partner will be forced to move away from another. This way, only one partner will be left to struggle and save the long-distance relationship. If you think that your relationship with other has reached a stage where it needs to be saved, you can adopt a few strategies. Both partners may implement them to save the relationship. Firstly, both of you should want each other and should work towards improving the relationship.

The need to reaffirming your love.

Before taking any step to save your relationship, both of you need to reaffirm that you love each other. Some couples even lose sight of why they are into the relation. So, both partners need the reassurance that they love each other and the crap has gotten in the way for a temporary period. You must stay in touch and communicate regularly. Communication is the key to saving a long distance relationship. You should disclose to your partners about your relationship expectation.

There are some who are just happy with the minimum while others want to stay connected for almost the entire day. For some, just calling twice a month will do while for others regular calling is important. You should listen to what your other partner wants. At times you need to make compromises for a relationship. Each partner needs to decide on the minimum level of interaction needed. You need to stick to that commitment you make. If by chance you are busy someday and cannot make the phone call, you must inform the other person. It is imperative to understand the communication needs of each other.

Little ways to make the other person happy.

After you have sorted out communication issues or needs, it is time to get creative. You may do little things to make your partner happy. You may send surprises in the form of e-cards, small gifts or even text messages. Small texts might also go a long way bringing the two closer. It is the best way to bridge the miles and recreate your relationship. If the relation is long distance, the bond may be lost due to long distance, and that needs to recreate under every circumstance.

Real intimacy is not being in the same room.

If the relationship is long distance, it does not mean that your love will not grow. You should know that real relationship or intimacy is not about staying in the same space. Even if partners are thousands of miles away, they may share each other and enjoy the feeling of being in love. For every partner, it is important to share even the smallest of occurrences in life. If your lover knows your whereabouts, the distance will become a secondary affair. To move closer to each other, you may do trivial things like texting a love message and how you feel about the day. You may share your reason for being happy or celebrate little successes in life. This may be done by dropping a text, sending an email, e-card or making Voice Calls and Video calls. Such things can simply recreate your long distance relation.

Take out some time for each other.

If you want, you can reignite the spark by taking out some time for each other. Even by staying thousands of miles away, you can date each other. For dating each other, you may use creative thinking. You may use video chatting options to watch a movie together or enjoy meal sessions together. This is the best option to date each other even if you are away.

The need for grooming.

Grooming may go a long way when you are in a long distance relation. Before he/she leaves the space, you may groom yourself up to look good. A new hairstyle, glowing skin and smart looks can propel the other person to stay back and not go away. You may wear cute shoes, nice dress to draw attention even more. When bidding farewell at the airport, you should look good. Your boyfriend or girlfriend is sure to have a heightened interest in you. He/she will be more interested in you.

Do not call every day.

So, you are missing your partner. No matter how severely you miss him, avoid calling every single day. You will end up overdoing things if you call or text every day. Boys and girls want their space and do not like to be approached by other always. It will not matter if you reply to his messages pretty late.

No matter how hard you miss him, it is good to let him know that you are enjoying fun moments in life. Be attractive to him and involve yourself in activities like yoga, shopping, gymming or pursuing your career.