Healing from the Body Level Up HBLU

People engage in talk therapy to relieve uncomfortable emotional and physical feelings. In many cases they want to heal from trauma. They may suffer from minor or “small t” trauma or “large T” traumas. Because the mind and body are inexplicably connected, people who are depressed or anxious, often have changes in sleep patterns, unexplained fatigue, pain, headaches, or even disruption in their relationships. It’s not uncommon for people to turn to drugs or alcohol to treat the symptoms of their problems, yet this only further complicates their situations with self-destructive addictions.

Feel Better and Live a More Productive Life

My clients want to feel better and live happier lives. As a society, we have been taught to believe that talk therapy is the answer to mental health issues, but it takes time and insight to change behavior. It can be difficult to implement changes even if you consciously try. This is because the unconscious is so strong and tends to run behaviors that are painful or maladaptive. How many times have you wanted to change, but were unable to take the steps necessary to make that change?

I was trained in psychodynamic therapy, which encourages clients to make associations and uncover deeply held unconscious beliefs that are keeping them stuck. The only problem is that this can take years. While it’s possible to develop enough insight to change unwanted behavior, the process is slow.

The Key is the Unconscious Mind

Several years ago, I was introduced to energy psychology and eventually to a specific method called Healing from the Body Level Up, or “HBLU.” HBLU is the mind, body healing modality developed by Judith Swack, PhD. She combined the most effective parts of her training in biochemistry and human immunology with energy psychology (EFT), neuro-linguistic programing, applied kinesiology, hypnosis and psychology and spiritual traditions. I add to this my training in psychodynamic therapy, attachment theory, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) – a leading treatment for trauma – to bring extra benefit to my clients.

HBLU is different because it recognizes that you have a conscious mind, and an unconscious, a body and a soul. The conscious mind is that which you know. Your ego tricks you into believing that what you know is the truth. That it is in fact the only truth. But the unconscious is where all the real action takes place. It runs about 90% of your life, including your physical health. Trauma in the unconscious mind keep you stuck by making you do things you know are not healthy and getting into situations you don’t want to be in even though you know better. Trying to talk yourself out of an unwanted circumstance, even yelling at yourself, or punishing yourself, doesn’t change things.

When you’ve tried your best to solve life’s problems, but you find they are not under your voluntary control, you are experiencing unconscious self-sabotage.

If You Could Do Better, You Would

HBLU is different because it taps into your soul’s deepest wisdom and uses muscle testing – all done in my office – to lead the healing and find the interference patterns that block you. HBLU uses a menu of mind/body/spirit techniques to find interference patterns and clear them at all four levels (conscious, unconscious, body, and soul). By doing this, people have achieved remarkable results in a short time, even when other methods have failed. HBLU rapidly helps people achieve the results they desire to live happier healthier, more fulfilling lives. I believe it can help you, too.

I am passionate about the rapid, yet gentle, simple, yet elegant HBLU Healing technique, and I am delighted to bring this cutting-edge healing modality to Long Island.