My Own Healing Journey

When I decided to take charge of my own healing, I had no idea where to start. I discovered writing is very therapeutic. It became my refuge, a place where I could connect with my inner world in an authentic way. Writing became my most trusted way of processing emotions I didn’t even know I harbored inside since childhood. I discovered shame, anger, fear, grief, and eventually, self-compassion.

With mindfulness, I learned to allow my pain to surface, if only for a brief time, then I could easily heal it with a variety of energy psychology techniques, including EFT, Ask and Recieve, HBLU, Emotion Code and Body Code.  

My pain was a part of me and I was done running from it; it was time I faced it.

I learned to sense into my body, little by little, as the anxiety of reconnecting with my physical sensations was very powerful. But I realized the only way out was through—through the body—so in order to move the stuck emotions that had a tight grip over me for decades I had to allow and accept them, I had to feel the anger, the shame, the grief.

Slowly, I learned to give my inner child the support she never received. I listened to and validated her pain—and helped her let go of it. I learned to love and accept her. And I finally learned to love and accept myself.

Healing is a taxing process. Remember to give yourself all the care and compassion you would give to a friend doing this hard work. Offer yourself understanding, love, and care. This is hard work, and you are doing the best you can with what you’ve got.

Mindfulness played a crucial role in allowing my pain to surface, even if momentarily, and surrounding it with gentle love and care. I realized that avoiding and running from my pain was no longer an option—I needed to confront it head-on. Gradually, I learned to reconnect with my body, overcoming the powerful anxiety that arose from reestablishing a relationship with my physical sensations. I understood that the only way to release the grip of long-held emotions was to accept and experience them fully. This meant allowing myself to feel anger, shame, and grief.

Through this courageous process, I discovered the importance of providing the support and validation that my inner child had never received. I actively listened to her pain, acknowledging its existence, and helped her let go of the burdens she carried. This journey also involved learning to love and accept both my inner child and my present self, embracing a newfound sense of self-compassion.

It is crucial to recognize that healing is a demanding and challenging process. Throughout this journey, it is essential to extend the same care and compassion to ourselves that we would readily offer to a dear friend undertaking similar work. It is important to provide ourselves with understanding, love, and care, recognizing that healing is arduous but worthwhile. Remember that you are doing the best you can with the resources available to you.