In honor of mental health awareness month, I decided to blog a daily idea for improving your outlook and lifting yourself out of depression, sadness, anxiety, loss, betrayal, or anger.  Frequently the focus of mental health is actually an illness.  I want to direct the conversation toward health, positivity, and self-love.

So here is this week’s list.

  1.  Stop comparing yourself to other people. You are unique and unlike anyone else. When you compare yourself, you ignore your inner self and limit your self-expression. Be you.
  2. Set goals for yourself.  Every day.  Set one small goal to be happy. Keep yourself always moving forward.
  3. Smile in the mirror. Yes. Smile at yourself.  It will make you feel better just to smile.
  4. Practice Patience. Become more patient with yourself and others.
  5. Breath in the fresh air.  Spend some time in nature. It’s naturally relaxing.
  6. Spend time with friends. Social support prevents loneliness and makes you feel better.
  7. Focus on forgiveness. Forgive the past and let go of it. If you hold onto it, you’re depriving yourself of all the good things that are happing right now. And now. And now. And now.
  8. Say hello to a stranger. Yes. Use your voice and say hello to someone. Even if they don’t say it back, you’ll feel good about taking a risk.

Stay tuned all month on social media for tips about improving your mental health.