Energetic disturbances in the environment can affect your physical, mental health and wellness. Geopathic stress is placed on the body when you live or work around weak electromagnetic fields cured by underground streams, fault lines, caverns or certain minerals. Some early symptoms are restlessness, headaches, insomnia, and fatigue. Over time these symptoms can grow into more serious health concerns including Multiple sclerosis, (MS) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia, cancer, and emotional or behavioral problems. If the body is not able to rest and repair through healthy sleep patterns, it cannot perform the necessary metabolic processes, repair cell damage, fight infection or properly absorb nutrients. Instead, the body must use its energy to fight the effects of geopathic stress.

There are several types of offending geopathic stresses. Start by thinking about the type of stress and the location of it in your home. This will affect how you deal with it. Underground streams, vortex, or fault lines can amplify the effect of energy. Patterns may be constant or seasonal.
Find the location of the energy by dowsing with a stick or a pendulum. I prefer self-muscle testing. A compass can also help you find an electromagnetic disturbance. Turn to face north and then slowly move toward the area you suspect a disturbance. The needle will bounce a little when you find the spot.
Look to pets and nature. Cats are particularly drawn to ley lines even though it can make them sick and even shorten their lives. Slugs, wasps, other insects and even moles will nest or burrow around these areas.
Now that you have identified the areas, you can begin to protect yourself by rearranging furniture or spending less time in an offending area. If the area is too large or can’t be rearranged, you may try balancing the energy with colors, sounds, semi-precious minerals or other objects to neutralize the energy.
Metal rods may be strategically placed outside your home to divert energy. Cork barrios may provide a temporary solution, especially under your bed to ground it.
Wearing quartz, amethyst, zeolite or tourmaline crystals resonates in your body with negative ions and can stimulate your immune system and change toxic energies into beneficial ones.
Unplug any unnecessary appliances when not in use to avoid excess electromagnetic stress. High tension power lines, satellite towers, electric poles, or circuit breakers all send out high and low-frequency energy that may increase geopathic stress, as can everyday items like microwaves, cell phones, and wireless routers. Minimize your exposure to such devices.

However you tend to this unseen energetic disturbance, you will begin to feel more comfortable and better rested in your space.