Do you want to improve your employer and employee relationship?

Are you looking to become a likable leader? It doesn’t matter if you have movie-star good looks, what matters is the quality of your relationships. For a company to perform optimally, it’s important to feel comfortable with the company’s leadership. If you have a good employer and employee relationship, you will be motivated to perform better and work harder. A likable leader interacts well, is respectful and gets results. The better your employer and employee relationship are, the stronger your company will be.

Day to day interactions means a lot. Good communication, timeliness and keeping your word are crucial to building trust and a sense of community within your organization.

Increase your positive emotional connections.

Relationships are contagious just like flu or cold. If a leader is a frustrated, short-tempered and angry type, the emotion will spread faster among employees. But, if the employer is good-natured, polite and optimistic, the positive emotions will flow to others. Make sure you have only positive emotional traits to spread to others.

Showcase solid integrity.

Your integrity will be established only when you are trustworthy and reliable. If you keep your promises and commitments, you will be trusted even more. You must be confident that you will be fair in whatever you do.

Gel up and cooperate with your employees.

Never think that you are the boss of your organization. At times even employers have to get down to the shoes of the employees to help them and to benefit the organization. The task of an organization should be to unite both employers and employees. Wherever needed, you should help your employees. If you help the employees, they will work better. This will directly benefit your business.

Improve employer and employee relationships by being a mentor

Yes! An employer has to perform all such roles. Teach a new skill to your employees and let them improve. We like to recall the fond memories of admirable leaders and coaches. Be an example in front of your employees. You should help others to develop. No other gift may be better than this.

Be an inspiring boss.

An employer is not always supposed to push his employees to do certain things. If you ask young adults “who is a boss?’ he will give you a reply as ‘a boss is a person who asks us what to do.’ Not all employers are like that. Some employers are a real inspiration to their employees. They are not perpetually pushing or demanding for excellence all the time. A good boss can repaint how things can be better. If you are inspiring or if you become a role model in front of your employees, it means you are likable.

Involve your employees and team members in important things.

Yes! You are the employer, and you are essential. But, even your employees must be made to feel special. Your employees are an indispensable part of your organization, and you cannot thrive without them. In your organizational tasks, you must involve your employees. You should entrust responsibilities as per the interest level of the employees and their capability. Never try to impose something on your employee. Your employees must willingly accept the task or responsibility. You may attach some reward to the project. It is vital to ensure that the employees enjoy what they do or else they will only fight with the seniors or peers.

Encourage group activities.

As an employer, you must allow employees to share their work. There must be an element of cooperation among the employees. When your employees share work among themselves, they feel more comfortable, relaxed and productive. They may work together and also make their own decisions.

Assign targets to the employees and your team members.

You must never discriminate against your employees and team members. You may assign tasks and deadlines to both your team members and your employees. Let them contribute together for better results. When your employees are involved with your team members, they must get a chance to express their opinions. All of them must be allowed to sit together and work.

Half an hour for lunch.

There are some organizations where employees get one hour for lunch and associate with others. But, half an hour for luncheon is a must. Employees may utilize the lunch hour to discuss out the work with others. Apart from work, they may also discuss out shopping, sports, movies and other things.

Organize picnics.

There is no harm if you organize picnics half-yearly and involve everyone in it. Organizing picnics, corporate events and enjoying together may bring you closer to your employees. There will come a time when your employees equally handle the responsibility of your organization as you are doing.

Effective communication is important.

When you need to communicate with your employees, make sure the communication is effective, precise and worthwhile. Poor communication with your employees can lead to misunderstandings and confusion. It is important for you to be specific and not simply play with words. You are free to express your opinion and express your displeasure with something. If you are not happy with any employee, discuss that out in a neutral manner and let the employee understand.

Organize morning meetings.

To improve your relationship with employees, make sure to organize morning meetings to discuss out the projects with them. Allow everyone to gather under a single roof and discuss it. This meeting may not be too formal. At times you may also provide some refreshments to them during the course.

It is important to praise your employee if he/she performs well. For all the good words, reinforce your employees. Motivate your employees almost every day. You must have a notice board in the office to display the names of top-performing employees.