When I first learned about tapping or eft, I learn that it was the stimulation of the endpoints of meridians that moved the stuck energy in the body and rebalanced the system. This made sense to me because I had experienced acupuncture and sort of understood the way it worked. The eastern view of dis-ease and medicine is that when the body becomes unbalanced, a disease is a result. I use tapping and teach clients how to do it themselves because it’s an effective treatment to reduce symptoms of depression anxiety, and phobias, but can also be used in therapy to treat limiting beliefs and install positive affirmations.

Chinese medicine includes the use of herbs, acupuncture, massage, diet and sleep recommendations designed to work with the bodies natural energy system. Chi, energy, circulates through the body in channels called meridians. When meridians are blocked or unbalanced, there is dis-ease in the system. Patterns of disharmony are identified and treated.

Meridians correspond with organs and organs are govern emotions. In addition to unblocking the flow of energy, tapping helps your body release opioid peptides and endorphins that turn off the chemical reaction which happens during the fight or flight response.

Tapping is a wonderful way for you to self-treat between sessions and manage small problems on your own. This short article will show you the points, what meridian they connect to and what emotions are affected. Tapping is most successful when it’s specific and targeted correctly. Tapping is also completely safe, so even if it doesn’t help on the first or second try, it can’t hurt you.

Karate chop point

The karate chop point on the back of the hand is the first acupressure point in the series. This is paired with a statement that sets up the problem you are working on and an affirmation. The karate chop point helps to release feeling stuck, difficulty letting go, vulnerability and sorrow, It releases psychological reversals which, you’ll recall, are the “but’s” after an affirmation statement you would like to believe but don’t. “I’d like to make more money, but no one in my family makes more money” Or “I want to meet my ideal partner but who could ever want me at this weight?” In this case, the setup statement might be something like, ”Even if I have this belief that no one could ever want me because of my weight, I love and accept myself unconditionally”. Unblocking this point helps You to release grief, let go and move forward.


This is the acupressure point for bladder meridian. This is an important point to help release trauma, pain, sadness, and frustration and allow in peace and emotional intelligence.

The side of the eye

This is the point for gallbladder meridian. This acupressure point is responsible for releasing fear, anger and rage and fear of change. Unblocking this point helps you to allow in clarity, compassion, and understanding.

Under the eye

This is the point for stomach meridian. This point helps to release fear, anxiety, nervousness, and disappointment and allow in a sense of contentment, calm and safety.

Under Nose

This is the governing meridian point. Governing meridian releases, fear of failure, shame, and guilt. It allows in self-empowerment and self-acceptance.

Under Chin

This is the central meridian point. This releases confusion, embarrassment, and shame. It allows you to feel more confident and sure.


These points connect to kidney meridian. This meridian holds onto feeling indecisive and stuck. By releasing it, you allow in clarity, and confidence so you can move forward.


This is spleen meridian, which releases guilt worry fear and obsessive thoughts. It may also help with self-esteem, insecurity, and hopelessness. Releasing it allows in clarity, confidence, relaxation, and compassion for self and others.

Under ribs

This point is connected to the liver meridian. It can help release big primitive emotions such as anger, unhappiness
22and bitterness. It helps get you out of survival mode. By releasing those emotions you allow in compassion, happiness, safety, peace and transformation.

Gamut point

The gamut point on the back of the hand releases obsessive thoughts and overthinking. It may also release depression, despair, grief, hopelessness, and loneliness. It allows hope, a connection to the positive and a calm mind.