Achieving good mental health is a process. Mental health hygiene consists of daily self-care, meditation, healthy diet and exercise, and some type of self-improvement routine. Personal evolution is an important aspect of mental health. You want to feel better, be happy, get rid of your anxiety and depression. I get it.

When it comes to personal evolution, I find “Ask and receive” to be the simplest most effective path toward personal growth. It is a simple yet elegant method that seeks to establish an agreement between your higher self and other parts of you that may have conflicting thoughts or limiting beliefs.

Internal conflict.

Have you ever felt ready to make a change in your life but kept falling back into old destructive behavior patterns? This is common and can sabotage you on goals ranging from weight loss to relationships, to money or insomnia. You want to adopt a new behavior but you find yourself falling into old patterns and sabotaging your new goals. This is caused by internal conflict.

Let’s assume that all your behaviors and belief originally developed to protect you in one way or another. Maybe at some point in your life, the behavior was helpful, even necessary to your survival. Now, its a bit obsolete and you are looking to make possessive changes, but you find you have to keep manually overriding your default behavior. That’s quite an internal conflict. You can see how this could happen and why it would take some intervention to help change it. Maybe your anxiety protected you as a child. Maybe depression once served a useful purpose in your life. But it doesn’t anymore. You would want to get that internal conflict under your control.

What is a limiting belief?

A belief is nothing more than a thought you keep thinking. It’s “practiced thought.” A limiting belief is a belief you hold, that limits your ability to reach, or in some cases, even conceive of new goals. Common limiting beliefs are: “It’s not possible for me. I’ve failed too many times”. “It’s not safe”, “I don’t deserve it”. “I don’t think other people would accept it” “I can’t be loyal if I change x,y,z…” Limiting beliefs are not true, but they feel like they are because you’ve been practicing believing them for so long.

Limiting beliefs have their roots in childhood and can even be passed down through the generations. Anytime you think, this is the way its always been or this is just how we do it, you’re probably turned into a limiting belief. Maybe you’ve gotten used to telling yourself that relationships never work out for you, or stress is a way of life. or you can’t get anywhere without lots of hard work. These are all limiting beliefs that you can easily change with simple techniques such as Ask and Receive.


Never believe your limiting beliefs because the best part of therapy is knowing you have the ability to change your life for the better. You don’t have to accept any situation or circumstance that makes you unhappy. Happiness is your goal, and it’s your birthright.